So yall remember that song Consensual Theft I did a while ago? This weekend I decided to pull up some old MIDIs and throw em into Reason and see what I could do with em. After a lot of playing around, I decided I could make a decent sounding song out of it. I'm calling it Consensual Theft -intelligence mix- and it should be up here within the next couple days.

Yeah, that's all I got for yeh.

Sweet album cover

2008-02-23 19:52:48 by SysRq00

Yerr, just thought yall might like to see the new album cover I made.


Sweet album cover

CD updates n' shit.

2008-02-13 18:50:39 by SysRq00

So with this last song I've put up, I have all the songs I wanted to do for this album. I don't have a lot else to tell you guys other than that the CD title is going to be "Sonitus Incorruptus" and it's got 10 songs. Yes, Duane Is Gay is gonna be on there. I'm still tweaking things like album art and song order and stuff, but it's coming together good.

Don't have a release day yet. Then again, why do you care? Y'all just download everything from here anyways. I guess if you wanted to be nice to me or something you might buy one.

Oh, and any artists (but where am I going to find artists on this site?) who want to submit ideas for album artwork are invited to, and of course you'll be credited and such. =D


I love you.

2008-02-01 19:31:31 by SysRq00

Dear Newgrounds,

I love you.

I miss you.

Please unlock the door.

Put down the bat.


I'll make that music for you again. Just like the good old days.

Would you like that?


Alright, I'll make you a song right now. I'll dedicate it to you.

But only if you take me back.


Byaah! Possible CD in the works?

2007-12-10 15:15:28 by SysRq00

Yeah, so I finished a new song last night. It's my first step into the dark, filthy shack that is DnB. I think I could get used to it over time, once I forget about the smell. But overall it's pretty fun shit. I'm not trying to be anti-DnB or anything.

But I got to thinking that I need to start putting together a CD. I don't have a title yet, but I'm calling it Awake until I can come up with a better name. Awake will feature a few songs from my early days, as well as most of my recent stuff. This new song, One Hell Of An Entrance, will certainly be on it.

Keep listening for more info later.

Yerr, I still make music.

2007-11-11 19:52:50 by SysRq00

Just now putting up a new song. It's rendering as I type right now.

It's called Existing/Breathing.

Go. Listen. 5 that mofo.


Announcing: SysRq's Awesome X Time Show!

2007-10-17 18:54:13 by SysRq00

Okay, so I'm getting into podcasting. I'm making a show called SysRq's Awesome X Time Show. It's going to be mainly a music podcast, playing whatever hits from Newgrounds I can get permission to air, as well as whatever techno, trance, dance, DnB, and ambient gems I can get my hands on. It's also going to have a little bit of show aspect to it. If I could get some artist interviews and such, that would be awesome.

I'm actually jamming to the little theme song right now. This should all pull together some time in the near future, I'm looking forward to getting some reactions from listeners.

If you are...

-an artist looking to get some music on the interweb
-someone with ears (and iTunes) who thinks this might be a cool idea and would subscribe to my show
-someone with podcasting experience who wants to give me some pointers
-an interesting person who could come up with shit for my show

...then give me a holla. Any support, whether it be actual help or even just a friendly word of support is so greatly appreciated.


Announcing: SysRq's Awesome X Time Show!

New song in the works.

2007-10-06 20:40:46 by SysRq00

I'm gonna go ahead and announce that I'm not dead. (yet.)

I'm still making music, in fact I have a song in the works titled "The Last Color". It's an emotionally charged ambient piece that comes from some kinda personal shit. But hey, isn't that where the best music comes from?

Chew on that, motherfuckers. I'm pissed off right now and it's all going into the song. Prepare your ears for my unbridled rage in piano form.

A list, part 1

2007-09-23 22:00:53 by SysRq00

A list, part 1

Things I Like
-New headphones
-New MIDI controllers
-Getting my dad's friend's dog out of my house
-Not doing anything all weekend
-Knowing I don't have to wait in long lines tomorrow night for Halo 3 since I have it preordered
-My new Vote For Trevor shirt that I just made
-Getting Myspace friends
-Having a 113% in English
-Making fun of IE users
-Pranking people at the mall
-Making lists


2007-08-19 17:43:37 by SysRq00

Expect some music from me in the future. I don't know what else I would put here other than announcements about my music. (but hey, who listens to me, anyways?)

I'm getting better with FL7, I used some different filters in Shit? Shit. Shit! that I haven't used before so I'm getting more comfortable with more stuff. My next song (if I get any ideas) should utilize some new stuff as well.

Haha, fuck, who reads this anyways?