CD updates n' shit.

2008-02-13 18:50:39 by SysRq00

So with this last song I've put up, I have all the songs I wanted to do for this album. I don't have a lot else to tell you guys other than that the CD title is going to be "Sonitus Incorruptus" and it's got 10 songs. Yes, Duane Is Gay is gonna be on there. I'm still tweaking things like album art and song order and stuff, but it's coming together good.

Don't have a release day yet. Then again, why do you care? Y'all just download everything from here anyways. I guess if you wanted to be nice to me or something you might buy one.

Oh, and any artists (but where am I going to find artists on this site?) who want to submit ideas for album artwork are invited to, and of course you'll be credited and such. =D



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