Entry #1


2007-08-19 17:43:37 by SysRq00

Expect some music from me in the future. I don't know what else I would put here other than announcements about my music. (but hey, who listens to me, anyways?)

I'm getting better with FL7, I used some different filters in Shit? Shit. Shit! that I haven't used before so I'm getting more comfortable with more stuff. My next song (if I get any ideas) should utilize some new stuff as well.

Haha, fuck, who reads this anyways?


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2007-09-16 01:20:44

Your musics not half bad, but what on earth are you eating?

SysRq00 responds:

That, sir, is an M&M Cookie Ice Cream Sammich.

And thanks. =D


2007-09-16 18:30:51

Wow...I play tuba, guitar, baritone, and I'm learning every thing else you said and I sing too. Sweet! I liked the song you put out man. Keep up the great work.